Drema's Teaching Schedule

Monday 5:00 pm Sapient - Private Corporate Yoga
Tuesday 9:40 am Wagner College Yoga
  11:20am Wagner College Yoga
Wednesday 9:30 am SecretGardenSpa Yoga
Thursday 9:40 am Wagner College Yoga
  11:20am Wagner College Yoga
  5pm Gentle Yoga/Yoga Nidra @SecretGardenSpa  
  6:30pm Teen Yoga @SecretGardenSpa
Saturday 9:00 am SecretGardenSpa Yoga
  10:30am SecretGardenSpa Beginner Yoga - Monthly

Special Events

Please Scroll over the Grey areas of the Calendar for Special Event Dates and details.

Private Yoga and Group Sessions are available. 

  • This is a good way to step in to the world of yoga and all that it has to offer.  These sessions are designed to introduce yoga principles of alignment, breathing, and the mind/body connection.
  • Therapeutic Yoga Sessions are individualized practices that are based on the findings that appear in your body.  A Personalized Practice is then applied to support the body in it's process of achieving physical balance.

***To attend yoga classes contact the Teacher:  Clarissa, 917-863-3564, Drema 917-733-7380, Sal 917-294-8517