'Til death do us part.

Two glands with an envelope wedding them to be spoken of as one.  Inter-dependance is such a balanced state of being; some may say boring, I think sexy.  

When we recognize the other, we recognize ourselves as separate.   It is only in the reckless abandonment of a leap into faith that allows us the let-down experience life has to offer.  

Maybe it's the label or the apparent attempt at the "quiet" comfort of union or perhaps it's just the thought of ahhh, "all is well" that provokes the one and only, you know who; you who thinks you are YOU.  

Now, if were talking adrenal glands, we are talking two, YOU thinkers, taking all they can get. 

Who will be de-pleated first either of you or your partner?  Sympathetic/Parasympathetic. 

So who's side should we take?  Where do we focus?  And then there's the thought of who's more important, the whole or the ME?  When it comes to organs, I'm guessing they're saying ME, ME, pick ME. 

 "I said I need that, get it for me, oh just give me something."  Who are we listening to?  Is this mind? Is this body? 

Yes. Welcome, You woke up; even with your exhausted adrenal glands.