You are Alive.

What if it's true that you don't get sick because of diagnosis; But, that you were actually sick for some time and then got diagnosed. 

We are told not to judge a book by it's cover.  Actually, we were once told, now we are inundated with what is "right" and what is "wrong".  Follow the rules.  Think less.

Ego:  "I don't live by rules, I say and do what I want."

Really!?!  Well, then, what is it that you want? Not what do you want to do or what action do you want to take?  What do You want?  Think big picture, here.

If the nature of the mind is to proclaim it's independence.  What's an ego to do?

Judgment is as blinding as the ego is strong.  And, as a partnership, wow; That's a large sum of individualized declarations from the depths of not being able to see.

Empower yourself from the state of knowledge and trust of "our" Self.  And when you shift and begin to connect through all of your senses, the body will wake up too. 

Bring your palms together in Namaste and feel your heartbeat.  You are Alive.  Live it.