Uh, Gratitude.  Didya ever here that before?  From whom?  Was it inside... or maybe the reverberation of outside-in and back-outside again.  Which, inevitably, will go back in.  But wait.

Every in-breath becomes an out-breath and every out-breath, an In-breath.  But, wait... something doesn't change.  Finding that space, is the game changer. 

Paths are Many, Truth is One, says Swami Satchidananda.  Oh what fortune it is to see it.   I don't need anyone to tell me to feel gratitude, I can't avoid feeling gratitude.  I am that.  Ahhhh... So that's it.

Ego says it.  That's where the power comes from.  Yes, but real strength comes from the overcoming, again and again, the power within yourself that rears itself before you, in those very inopportune moments.  For you.  And, it feels so good.  Like cookies.  :)

Choosing health foods, can be an act of sadhana (practice).  To pull back on indulgences becomes a metaphor.  The body is our home!  The one we live in, no matter where we live.

A clean house.  Not obsessively sterile.  Neat.  Airy.  Open.  Like the breath.

It's the space between the breaths. But how do you get there? 

Just keep watching.  It's unfolding.  Trust You.  I did.  It is this, that I am grateful for; and it is this reason why I choose to live in gratitude; and why I keeping reining it in.  It's what all of me circles back to.

No, this is not meditation either.