Spiritual Black Hole

Space is One, Locations are many.

SAD.  Today is a grey and dreary day.  But, I can see the light.  Black is so stark and commanding.  Grey is the new black, anyway.  All the way over there, I see some peaking through.  Maybe it's because I'm looking.

So, Look.  What's to lose?  Why, then?  Why, do we resist?  Here we are again;  Who resists?

It is the natural way.  Turn inward.  Get grey.  Let it in to the spaces within the body.  You'll feel it in your mind.  Wait, did you just feel it get more light?  Get it?  I let the light in by bringing the light in.  And so did you.  Well, if you decided to.   But, will you forget!?

Getting, forgetting and remembering; or.  Getting and remembering, and then forgetting; or, .........

Spaces are endless, but our awareness seems to only allow for one to exist at a time.  This vacillation or flow (vinyasa), undulates possibility.  But, where do the forgotten go?  Inward.  To the space of no-mind.  Where?  Look for it's gravitational pull.  You can't miss it.  It's inevitable. 

It will swallow you up either way.  It is the most extreme state of matter.  Death and Birth.