Wake up, Wake up.

Yeah, Mon; Liquid sunshine and You get what you need.  Black, Yellow, Green and most importantly, Red.

Wow!  I see it; or is it just the act of seeing?  Either way, seeing from another perspective never gets old.  It's actually quiet the opposite.  The pyramid, yes...  No one is yelling it or wearing it on their sleeve?  But, it is there.  Respect.  Everyone ripens at their own time.  The validation just seems to lack importance now. 

Is anyone home?, Babaji asks.  It's the practice, returning again and again, coming back home, and to practice seeing it All, as One.  For it is the, "This is me and That is you," mentality that helps create the solid foundation of Maya, often mistakenly named as Karma.

It vibrates through the speech.  It is not defined by a mere act of humaness, for always in the moment of visitation, they rise and remember and you will see it through the windows of their soul.  Awareness of and Attunement with comes alive.

Trust that it all works out.  Don't doubt.  Faith.  The sun.  The land.  Blood.  Illusion.  One Truth.  Wake up.