It's all about the Balance… And the Base.  A solid foundation of equilibrium dancing upon the restless sea.  Or just Endless see.  And when it is calm, it is that peace that invites us into nothingness.

Not circumstantial peace.  The Balance of Right and Wrong.  But who's right?  Can we all be wrong?  Happiness considers Sadness.  Fear appreciates Courage.  It's in the appreciation, Baba tells us, that we will experience it.

Tree Pose - Standing on one leg, drawing in from all directions, rooting through and supporting gravity.  Rise up the shushumna with the Pranic Flow of the In breath, or the Ebb.  In the Ebb we name it Apana.

The perfect recipe formulated from a protein, fat, vegetable and seasoned just so, for the balance of  insulin.  Ah, but do you know your formula?    Spice adds heat, too much adds fire. 

Balance and Equilibrium.  Do you have a sense of what direction your imbalance flows?  And which one?  Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vignanamaya, Anadamaya.