Transmutation of anger.

Become Nothing, I dare you.  

Transforming the desire of love into the friendliness of sharing and love of connection into seeing everyone as you, and love you with the awakening of eternal love.

But it is so hard to see when it most needs to be seen.  It's the one who has mastered one's own emotions that can be a space for other's healing. 

Can one actually, physically be, when they have conclusively healed?  The process is cyclical and in each new cycle a process.  But, I get to choose.  I don't have to return again and again, not even when I have been there before.  Similar yes, but like Kali says, "I am nothing like you," and also like Saraswati says, "I am nothing But you."

I dare you!  Bring your full attention to living.  Turn your life around and be yourself. 

She reminds me, hanging on my wall as I make my way back home from the day; and reflects, "I am something like you."  There in his words too, even though he's 808 years old.  The message's the same.  Life's purpose.

Today I saw the Blue Tara.  Or, at least, I think I did.