A flicker of light.

The Clinging.  But, how do you know it's the answer?  Ah, the density of certainty.  Oh, to be cloaked by an erogenous indulgence.

Commitment.  Is it time for resolution?  Maybe there's been enough New Year decisions.

Set your goal high.  Awaken to the process.  Don't decide.  Surrender; your willingness is necessary.  

Separated.  Isolated.  The perpetrator finds a way to take you aside and whisper in your ear.

Being alone is very different than isolating yourself.  Did you know that?

Did they teach you that?  It's a fundamental truth, you know.  Sometimes, being a parent can be a disservice.  Isn't that an ugly sight to see.  We are all children, still learning.  

It takes but only a flicker of light to dispel complete and utter darkness.

It's hard to see now, why I would put myself in the basement?  Why would I punish myself?  Because I didn't know.  

When the sliver of, door ajar, brakes in to the pitch black underground room stand in it, step forward into never being without knowing again.