It is in the dose of anything that makes it the poison.  Diluting the substance that represents the energy that is occurring as the imbalance and then using this concept to find polarity.  Neutrality, becomes the medicine needed to heal.

A ghora.  Not horrible and never without horror.  Negation always includes the very substance we are negating.

Truth or circumstantial evidence. Victim or Villain.  Villain or Hero.  It's to scary to look.  See.

What are we teaching our children?  Do you decide?  Are you listening?  Can you even hear the hum of thoughts over the incessant talking?  There is voice, ya know.  The one that whispers. 

What are your neck, shoulders, hips and knees talking about anyway? They wont mind you being an expert, provided that you don't try to imbue your cleverness.

Forgiveness?  Forgive who?  You.