I have learned that devotion is key when it comes to sadhana, spiritual path.  

What does devotion mean?  It never leaves the mind!?  Like a mom who always has the thought of the child somewhere in the back of her mind.  

This talk on Devotion, given by my teacher, stimulates me to interpret this idea of devotion and how it affects our daily lives.  Our devotion to our thoughts, food choices, and actions can be the guiding light on the spiritual path called, living in a body.  Knowing what you are devoted to is the first step.  

If you find that you are devoted or addicted to certain thoughts that are not bringing you what you want to see in your life, acknowledge your ego self presenting itself and without reaction, replace the thought with a thought that brings you into your chosen reality.

If you find that your food choices that have been making their way into your diet again and again are not bringing or maintaining the health that you want, devote your self to better choices.  Yes it's that simple.  Keep your eye on the goal and if feeling good in your body is the goal make food choices that promote your goal.

If you find your actions, or lack thereof, is a devotional practice to lethargy, yogi beware.  Do you know what the yogi's number one enemy is?  Lethargy.

Live Well EveryOne!