Walking the tight-rope.

An amazing vast endless sky inspires clarity.  Reflection.  What is it that I am feeling?  Hmmm, something... Wait a second I'm not surefooted, oh no, Do I have vertigo?!...  I am, dizzy...  I'm fine.

Cranky.  I hear that I am cranky.  I hear it in the choice and inflection of my words.  Breath.

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu bhranti-rupena samsthita.  Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai namo namah.  Confusion; I bow to you, I bow to you.

Back to me.  What I am feeling?  Maybe it's you who is feeling something.  Maybe its not me at all.  Sakti, The power in tantra, a scholarly approach.

It's fear.  I'm afraid.  Let me try to control and get some footing.  Control the environment.  This goes here, this is better here.  Perfect.  Everything is really coming together.  It looks beautiful.  Beauty is such a big part of this.  Yes, it's just beauty to enjoy, it's not distraction.  It is the very and equally powerful essence of the destroyer and when dissolution shows itself, you will remember again that there isn't any ground to get, in a world of groundlessness.

The two swans, the wind to keep me present in the fleeting moments and the water to remind me to; Flow gracefully.

Namaste, chitta vritti nirodhah,  Its' time for breakfast.