An invitation.

I never imagined what it would be.  But I knew.  I knew there was something.  Like You do.

The surface has its many faces and experiences.  But, it is the depths that ground us into the sure-footedness of awareness and the ability to Experience the experiences.  To Experience and to Become, are very different.  When we Become our circumstance the identification takes over and we slowly go further and further away from our center and we begin to forget the depths.  The surface just appears so real.  We begin to look like it, we see it in the mirror.  And then there's the mirror.  Now that becomes real.  Who are we then to believe; oneself or others?  Some powerful questions are,  "Who am I?  The one I see in the mirror or the mirror of these other faces?  Could what others say or think about me, actually be about me?  And, then, what about the mirror?  Wait a minute.  And then nothing, no answer - stillness." 

Welcome.  Quiet.  Careful Now; continue Watching.  Who is it that's answering your questioning?

This is just a light hearted invitation.  If that makes sense to you, Trust your-Self.  Go Deeper.  Carve out the time.  Explore  the depths of your perception; your Life depends on it.  Your individual and amazing Life, that is.