There is nothing to Fear, but your Power itself.

Too self revealing?  Everyone does share their story.  Do we talk too much?  Oh, excuse me, write too much?

Well, yes when you're not really saying very much beyond your story.  Live it!  That's where you make the most impact.

Start over.  That's right.  Just start over.  Be who you deeply want to be.  No fear.  Vulnerability, now that's a sight to see.

The clouds from the West Coast visited yesterday.  Why do we struggle to see the potential within deep acceptance?  This is the new normal.  Purnamadah Purnamidam - may you reinvent yourself around this mantra.

It's your Power that you are afraid of.  Use Courage.  It's the key for this lock; try it.  If that doesn't work, try recognizing moments when you are Satisfied.  If you're not finding enough pearls to make a necklace, wear the bracelet.