The Teacher

Listens, Hears, and then Approaches.  What are my students saying?  Who is their voice and what are they trying to convey to me?  Who'd a thunk it.  A 5th grade teacher impacting my sons life and imparting wisdom upon him.

Communicate.  Liberate.  Yes, it is freeing, but are you free of it?  I'm not.  It's part of the array of flavors you taste on the way into the rich center.

My longing has returned, its simply a matter or time, not space before I see you.  I feel you and wonder, "do you feel me?" Do we all feel it?  Is it calling us to come together. 

It was quite the delight to see such clarity after the storm.  Mother nature finally had a clean canvas to project her brilliance onto.  Thank you, sanitation.

Conjunctions are often exactly what is needed to make life cohesive and at the same time poetic.  Isn't that exactly what a Teacher does?  "It also turns the clause into something that depends on the rest of the sentence for its meaning".