Natural Remedies - Trusting yourself.

Typically, we know what we need.  Often my clients tell me what they need, without realizing it themselves.  Part of my job is to be a good listener.  Next, I try to help them siphon out what is not working and start to shift the attention to what possibly will work.  I think that it is important for the one adhering to an approach, natural remedy, support, to connect with that approach, natural remedy, support, etc.  It certainly matters what someone "feels" about the program they will implement in their lives for their process of healing.  

I had this experience early in, on my way.  Some time ago, when my body, mind, spirit was completely struggling and I decided to seek out others that could guide and help me to help myself, I found that when I didn't feel connected to the remedy, herb, etc. I would somehow forgot to take it.  When I needed to cook or prepare my herbs, I would some how forget them on the stove and burn them.  One way or another I would not take the support.  

I think it is really important to stop here and consider the emotional component of not taking or doing something that is suggested or given as part of the process of healing.  We must consider whether the resistance to the remedy is lack of connection and intuition or a quiet attempt of the ego mind resisting the change.  Sometimes the illusions of the mind can seem safer, but that is part of the illusion.  And, If we are not careful, our reality can simply be a justification of what we already believed would happen anyway; a self fulfilling prophecy.  We believed it to be true and so it is.  While we get to be right, we also end up exactly where we do not want to be.  What a conundrum.  However, when we are ripe, reality has a way of showing us otherwise.  A little, continual effort is worth more than one can factor, it's too big to calculate.  

It is important to shift the focus on what can help and what you do need, and only you can know that; everything else, from everyone else, is simply a recommendation.  I have found for myself and with my clients that it is when together, client and practitioner co-create, the process is sped up. When the client takes an active role in the process, balance is restored rather quickly.

There is a certain level of faith that is required to trust in the expertise of the holistic practitioner.  This is why it is important to consider the relationship you are having with anyone that is helping you on the journey of the body.  Trust yourself with regard to your feelings on whether or not the relationship feels right for you.  When you listen to yourself you strengthen your relationship to yourself and that one is of the utmost importance.  Trust yourself.

Food for Thought

We can choose to end it.  As we know it, that is.   I guess you could consider this a type of Samadhi.  Patanjali's 8 limb path teaches us how to have right mind, body and eventually turns us away from the senses, inward and toward one pointed focus, meditation and Self.  Something certainly happens in the surrender, they say.  But, do you return?  Can you hold the space for you returning to the world?  Bring what you've learned.  Share it with us.  Are you willing to have more than one lifetime this time around?