Life = Humaness + Consciousness.

Human = Happiness + Sorrow.  If being Happy = Being stroked + Feeling Good, then Feeling Sorrow = Separation + Feeling Pain.  So what's the point?  To find the sum of what it is to be Human.

What's the purpose?  Satisfaction?  Feel good?  Maybe.  At least through the senses.  That's fun.

From the world, satisfaction is very hard to achieve.  From the senses, not so hard.  It's natural to look for happiness, but the kind that doesn't have an opposite will be the only one to satisfy and feel satisfied by. 

Like the grandma looking for her key out in the street light, when she lost them inside the dark house.  Go back inside and let your eyes adjust in the unfamiliar and you will then be able to see.

Joy some call it.  Separation is required.  But, that's the scary part for those of us that do not enJoy change.  Oh, but there's joy in it.  Joy = Separation + Oneness + Humanness.  Now that's really fun.

Solitude and being separate will allow the story to unfold.  Play and have fun; Cry and have none. But, gaze toward the oneness that we are all a part of.  Consciousness = Classical world + Quantum world.