Quality of Heart.

It's simply another opportunity, and there are plenty of them.  You are who you are, who you are. So who are you?

Yoga means union, relationship.  It's not the pose, who are you when you do that pose?  You know, the pose that elicits thoughts of struggle and work.  Does the preconceived fear of work steal moments of opportunity or do you enjoy the process of perfecting the pose? 

Facebook ruins relationships.  Really?  Have we gotten that basic, even in this continuum of exceleration toward the next Big Bang?  I don't think there is so much time to waste.  It feels like the time to stand in our light has come.  

I see you and your quality of Heart.  Can you see me?  My sweetness is the refined kind.  Not so sweet that just anyone can take me into their mouth and spit me out, but the intention is just the same; Grace and to Be a Good Human.  Being.  

It's the quality of, not the sum of your interpretations.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Well yes, but I think it's time for all to start seeing trash, as trash, and begin to treasure one another, as well as, protect one another from our enemies.

What is the yogi's number one enemy?  Here's a hint, it's not the quality of Heart.  Until next time...