Female.  Feminine Energy.  It seems calmer, more graceful.  But when it's accompanied with the humanness of hormones, wow, it's intense. 

But, I so easily slip into the Awareness of this human experience as a woman.  And then, I am the producer.  I can see, weigh my options, and eliminate the possibilities of those choices I choosenot even to have a possibility of having that experience.

If I thought it, does it mean it belongs to me?  Or do they belong to the voices crying out of my cells from past generations.  Woman and Men belong to a lineage; spiritually speaking.  And, in this reality, femininity is more potent. 

But, with a UTI, incontinence, yeast infection, PMS, gas/bloating, lower back/hip pain, anxiety/fear, it's not all pleasure.   And, in the moment that we can see the healing of our family's past pain, when we know how intoxicating and strong we are we often choose to stand in the fire and Purify.  Like gold.  To be a real woman, that's what it takes.

When one Act closes another begins.  I'd go see My Play on Broadway.  I think it's a great story.  But mostly, I feel deep gratitude for the moments that present themselves, allowing me to share what I know to be true, and offer someone a little shade from the hot blazing sun.