Oh mother, forgive us for not knowing how to worship you.

It's always a tender balance.  Push and know when to step back.  Take a deep breath and know when to move forward.

There appears to be some pain involved, it's so oddly interesting to me.  When the pain of staying bound like the newly, tight, young bud becomes just too painful, we all do it.  We push through and give birth and in the very same moment, we are birthed into a new world.

Is it simply our resistance toward our mortality that is the driving force of fear?  I mean, it is one you just can't clean, organize, shop, or manipulate away.  And isn't it funny how It seems, if we fear something just enough, the fear becomes so dense it finds a way to come true?

When we resist the subtle form, it's momentum eventually has enough E=mc2 to manifest and persist through the physical.  Ignorance is Bliss until it eats it's way through your stomach lining.  Sustainable resources are necessary for body, mind, and spirit.  Not just for us, but for her too.

Every Mother has her limit or level of patience depending upon her own mood fluctuations and this is true for her too.  Yes, even Divine Mother eventually has enough and with the utmost compassion she rocks her daughter's world.  And you know what happens when you fool with Mother Nature.

So here we are again, at the same equation.  it seems if we focus on whats going on around us, as the source of the problem, try another theory.  Be the generation that makes change, "because smoking kills pets too."