Consciousness = Classical world + Quantum world.

I realized something this morning during meditation, only to forget it.  I sacrificed it in the name of my relationship with my mantra.

I just wish I could remember it now.  I remember it being something big.  I think remembering it would really shift things.  Who thinks like this?  He does.  I know it's terrible, I typically refer to it as him.

Fear.  Can't is just be so nauseatingly uneasy?  It can't "be," but the experience can sure feels like you "are".  Swaha.

Our power is enormous.  Do you find that tough to fathom?  Some of us can.  Those of us that also understand how infinitesimally small we are.  

But not in the last moment.  I imagine that's a big one.  I bet the growth in that moment is quantum; as in a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

If consciousness = classical world + quantum world; (a) what is the sum of quantum world, (b) define classical world.

(a) quantum world = the fraction of my life that I spend taking quantum leaps; as in, each man has only a quantum of compassion, and growing as an individual for the greater good of the whole.

(b) classical world = the rest of the time.