When I see myself through your eyes.

Joy digests the heaviness of sadness.  Love digests the disruption of anger.  The heat of compassion burns self-centeredness.  Joy, love, compassion , etc. are states that naturally arise from states of union with consciousness.

Undigested emotions are so uncomfortable.  Sometimes the bloating is to the point I just want to go home, take these clothes off and put my pajamas on.  Rejecting or judging is another form of aversion and the practice of, meditating upon that which you wish would just go away.

And that's another part of it; wishing anything to be different than the way it is, is considered to be the definition of suffering.

Raw food is warm.  Hot Yoga is Hot.  Ice cream is cold.  During a practice of yoga, the burning up of oneself seems to throw off a similar light.  I would think then, the means through which you have chosen as the practice of purification comes into great significance.

When I see myself through your eyes, it is an opportunity for me to see my higher self, experiencing and enjoying itself, through the unique version it has chosen and who you all know as, ME.