Lalita - The gentle, the innocent, peerless beauty, and now, the one who plays.

The supreme contracts itself creating a velocity to this contraction that then inspires gravitational pull to being to create a form, which one could deduce meaning, I am.  We all are.  We each are.  The problem arises from the mind.  So find it in science; there seems to be a new planet forming in this very fashion, as you read.

The lesson is, "I am not the body."  I see myself manifest in the body.  I hear myself say, "my body".  I feel the variations, the cycles, an the process of the birth and death of cells called healing.  And, I know that I am.

I just read about a mouse utopia experiment by John Calhoun done in 1950.  Could we humans learn anything about ourselves here?  Are we in some way equivalent to a mouse?  I hate mice.  They scare the bejesus outta me.  

The Four Ashrams of Life.   The first stage of the experiment begins with four female and four male, disease-free mice inhabiting a stress free space with fresh water, endless food supply, and space that has a 3000 mouse capacity creating a life for themselves.  They form groups and living quarters with individual nests and communities.  They have children who are then born into these already established constructs.  The stage of dissatisfaction manifests with aggressive males and withdrawn females.  Some mice choose to remove themselves completely and spend their day grooming, eating and drinking.  Procreation is losing it's drive.  Why would the mice choose to  struggle and compete for space when there is so much more to share?  They did not have stress for food, water or comforts.  What?  Sound like anyone you know?  The mice maxed out at 2200 before the decline began and on day 600 the final mouse died.  This study was conducted 3 times with the same outcome.

I feel like Sheldon when he says to Amy, "well how am I supposed to know that you are not manipulating me right now?"  As she is explaining that it is Leonard is the one manipulating him.  She is a scientist you know, and one who studies the brain.  Hmmmmm…

Our practice is strong and helps to unknot the body, but it needn't be forceful.  From my experience, force is too dense to create a subtle shift.  Shri Yantra is known as the body.  She is also known as Shri Lalita - the one who plays.  She presides over the three worlds of physical, subtle, and supreme.  

The subtle manifests in the physical.  The physical, through practice, gives rises to the subtle.  The subtle, with practice, is an entry point into the supreme.  Supreme gives birth to subtle because she wants to play in the experience.

I was given the name, Lalita.  As time continues, and my focus strengthens, I see her in me and understand the gift Swami Satchidanda has given me.  He warned us, so did my father, honestly.  My earthly father that is.  Be careful on what you focus your attention for you just might find her in that form manifesting through you.