Kanti means beauty enhanced by love.

When it rears its twelfth grade mentality in it's third grade body the reaction is big bang like.  And when you see it anyway, it's really beautiful.  When who sees it?  Who do you mean when you speak from the pronoun, "you"?

I mean me.  And, the sidebar here is, this is my blog.  What do you think it means when you react to someone else's words?  I think it means, LISTEN TO ME. " Who does she think she is?  I am this or that.  I like blue or the number 42."

Separation.  Togetherness.  Is it that much of a conundrum?  Why would we choose the same even after learning that togetherness is the preferred experience?  And if you don't know togetherness because you never learned togetherness; Learn it, live it.  It's so good.

Love.  It's always about the Love.  Where do we seek love?  And then I would want to write, "why do we choose the partners we choose?"  But now I feel the togetherness, and it is difficult to remember the separation in the now of this feeling of togetherness.

Physical good is so good, it's serious, almost an emergency.  And, it's magnetizing.  But where does it come from?  Lust, for sure.  And from Love, wow.  When love infuses the physical union, it becomes beauty enhanced by orgasmic love.  The english language only has 1 word for Love.  Sanskrit has 96.

Physical body, to energy body, to mental body, to the one who discerns, into bliss body.  And it is from Atman that we choose to move out into the direction of physical body.  So, the path, the practice, must be inward; if we are looking to experience the oneness through which we all emerge.