The heat of Compassion.

There is that moment just before you fall out of a balance pose.  Do you reach for it as soon as you are unsteady or not realize until it's too late.  I imagine the last moment to be a willingness.  It does seem most probable for those of that have been practicing how not to grasp tenaciously.

Sivasana is the practice of Corpse Pose; a break from the over-identification of one's outer life and becoming more familiar of space and awareness.  Plus, the physical body loves it.  Fear, attachment, greed, aversion, as well as, dis-satisfaction are exhausting.

Lethargy is a yogi's number one enemy.  My kind of yogi, that is.  Anger is easiest to face when we connect to it as a energy coming in and see it for what it is and not for who we are.

He just can't see what I'm saying because he can't see the reflection of himself with my words and actions.  Like attracts like until it gets a little too close for comfort.  And sometimes it's just the individual's force with its specific variation that just makes one, as they are; Karma.

Who is the one that can see and perhaps feel the variations?  Is it the mystic?  The Medium?  Well, yes, and You too.  The you without your stuff.  And that's why we practice finding, remembering, and dissolving into the background space where even thoughts are stuff.

And the great part is, they can be just that, when you are in the state of yoga; union with the changeless state.  When we emerge there are shifts and adjustments in what's attractive and repulsive.

The Lakshmi returns to her community after giving birth to herself as individual expression of Divine essence moving through her, as her, and she sure mixes it up a bit for the rest of us.  It can get pretty hot in the light.  The heat of compassion has the ability to burn through self-absorption.