After the Cleanse

Of course what you do matters.  It all matters.  Microcosm, Macrocosm.  But Macrocosm remains the same when it is devoid of multiplicity.  And to be familiar with the experience of mind in its most pure state one may be less effected by the ripples, but we feel them just the same, they cause us to connect, attract, and sometimes to owe.  Some debts are worth paying.  When we see the Self in everyone it's because we ourselves have become rooted in Self awareness.

Since Navaratri there seems to be more time in an hour.  Being present somehow shifts us into a space of willingness.  This willingness offers us time to breathe and to live and to experience.

Caffeine is a drug.  So is sugar.  Glorified nonetheless.

Choosing life is an amazing gift, a birthright that is not always received.  Yet when it is, we all get to witness the birth or a renewed and amazing human being.  These are my kind of people.

Integration is Tantra.  Denial is something different.  When "I am nothing like you" and "I am something like you" integrate into ones life then we see in oneself and in the other, "I am nothing but you".

After the Cleanse, I chose not to return to caffeine.  I don't feel much for bread or chocolate.  I sure did enjoy sweet potato with butter and salt.  Yogurt and berries was pretty delicious.  Funny how I haven't eaten that since the last Cleanse.  But then again I do get to choose and not only once.  I get to choose again and again.