"Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life." Mary Oliver

Is it the body, which includes mind/body, that has the ability to alter the spirit or is it the soul that affects that body?  Apples and oranges.  While they are both fruit and have seeds, not all seeds bear fruit, as in come into fruition.

If the soul and the spirit are one, how can they be different?  If we see them both as Essence, yet the soul as non-dependent upon the spirit.  Non-dependent as in, not exactly independent, more interdependent; not dependent and also never without dependency.

So if body = body + spirit + soul, and spirit = spirit + body + soul, and soul = soul + spirit + body, then soul - spirit - body = soul.  But something happens when we apply this to body and spirit. Body - spirit - soul = does equal body but a body that is lacking life force; ghost.  It happens again when we apply it to spirit.  Spirit - body - soul = feeling lost while in human form.

Equanimity is such a beautiful word.  Say it out loud, but first, take a deep breath.  Pause.  Take a step back and with your attention say it. 

Oh how grateful I am to know these words.  And now I feel her in my heart; in the form of human emotions as my eyes well up with parasympathetic nervous system response.  She becomes form in that moment and I know it to be more real then any other of my illusions and hallucinations.

It is impossible to put words to the experience, because it is yours.  It waits patiently for you to arrive and remains unaffected if you do or do not.  For it is whole.  I/You are whole.  The body, especially with regard to hormones, needs your effort to maintain its balance.  The body likes good nutrition, water, rest, exercise, meditation, and community.  Next, ask yourself, "what does my spirit want in order to feel nourished and expressed?"  Finally, what will it take for you to arrive and have your experience?

Sometimes she doesn't wait patiently, especially when she knows that you know you are procrastinating, or when your blessed.