From Passion to Love.

Seeing a more distinct and clear line between light and its counterpart can be painful. 

Reaction, Impulse can sometimes come out of suppression and isolation.   And, doubt.  But, turned upside down or inside out it can be the sweetest taste of fleeting power there ever was.  Wait, it is not the sweetness that is all consuming, it is the running from the after effects that is.

When passion is purified through Agni, it turns to love.  Agni : digestive fire.  Abhyasa : effort, willpower, practice. Vairagya : letting go, acceptance, detachment. 

It's always about the layering of a recipe that does it for me.  I like to change it up with how much this or that, but also when, at what time I add this or that and at what amounts.

Two thoughts said the same way.  Which one to use and when, you will have to choose.  You become what you think; be mindful what you think.  Mind follows identity; what are you identifying with?