Check points help to keep honest people, honest.

What's the right medicine and how much?  It's all becoming a little undone.  It's for the good and the bad.  Some love it, some hate it.  They hate it.  Isn't it funny how the thieves fear, "being taken from?"  Pick your Poison, I mean medicine, I mean poison.

Then again who hasn't been a thief?  Who hasn't manipulated along the way?  Haven't you learned along the way?  When you are fortunate enough to have the eyes that see the opportunity you learn this lesson earlier or you spend at least a part of a significant amount of time of your life processing this very human experience.  And since it's all significant I say, Carpe Diem...

Carpe Diem...  I loved that movie, Dead Poet's Society.  And then, Robin Williams commits suicide.  Pause...  Naima reminds us from time to time, she reminds us that, "Spiritual life is hard in the beginning and easier at the end.  Worldly life is easier in the beginning, harder at the end." 

Pick your poison and your medicine.  The only way to know is to find out.  Trudge lightly.  Go fearlessly and one pointed.  Don't fool yourself.  Stirha Sukha Asanam.  Witness your tendencies, as well as, those of your friendly and unfriendly counterparts.  Don't let your fascia get all twisted up in a bunch.

If you are a certain type of person, you will be tempted to return to your poison or so-called medicine.  This is why check points are important.  Daily meditation, Weekly yoga, bi-annual Cleansing.  Check points help to keep honest people, honest.

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