Love, Beauty, & Goodness

If during the time we feel the sun penetrating our skin we can realize that the sun, all those millions of miles away, is being felt, in this moment, as it lands on the skin, now. This can act as a portal and we seem to enter into a beyond space and time kind of feel. It’s a kind of clarity in the mind that knows unity with the sun, as well as, with the now, which has always and will always be here. When the mind is blown by such a thought, the heart opens and We can feel spontaneous arisings of contentment, love, peace. But from where do these arisings originate?

It’s the sun, remember? That’s where we started. This all started with a photo of me standing in the sun’s rays. From the sun, arising into the awareness that originated on my skin and into the mind, as my mind. Inspiring me to think about the sun penetrating my skin, it’s inside of me, and I am inside of it. Is it me, or am I it? Yes, both, and not exactly. It’s sameness stands in and for the truth. It’s beauty is expressed in the uniqueness. It is whole onto itself, as well as, an expression of the one wholeness. It’s the ground of being, and it is the sea of potentiality, standing as Goodness for all.