Awakening the Body of Wellness

The "me" generation, "me" too generation, calling all "me's" desiring to be heard.  Let's hear it.  And then, let's redefine what we know "me" to be. 
The "I" that knows "I am-ness" within me is the same "I" that knows "I am-ness" within you, and it's the same for all. 
This being heard and acknowledged is not simply for the "you," "I," "we" that wants to feel that "we" are enough, it is driven by something bigger. 
The big "I" or the reasoning behind the little "i," at this time in history, needs to be heard.  It's not true that it is the reasoning, that's a play on words, but if there ever was a reasoning to be made, if we ever needed a way to reason ourselves through deeper understanding, then here it is.  The big "I"  is the "why" and "know how" to really get that "you/I/we" are enough.
It seems to me that it's this "I" that wants/needs to be heard and validated; and it is this drive that has awakened all of the little "i's."  Again in Truth,"I" doesn't "need" to be heard or validated, for it is Wholeness, All-ness, Oneness.  It is the little "i" that questions not the big one.
The practice is for the little "i" to know itself as the unique expression of the big "I" and bring this unique expression of Divinity here, to our community;The human community.