As a holistic nutritionist, my role is to understand where help is needed and to provide support for the body to simply heal itself and resolve these symptoms. A healthy, balanced person has plenty of energy, looks younger, is a healthy weight, sleeps better, digests well, and eliminates properly.  Their mind is alert and focused, accomplishing daily tasks with ease, and enjoying life.

Good health is innate to our bodies and it’s a choice we all have. Giving your body the foundation it needs to bring it back to optimum health and return to balance may be the most important thing you can do. It’s that simple. And I will help you get there.

My approach: What you can expect.

The programs that I create for my clients are as unique as the clients themselves.   During the initial consult we will create a specific plan and the best approach, for you, to be on you.  Through an individualized health consultation, using a series of investigations, I will identify the stress that your body is currently under. This stress could be caused by structural, emotional, and/or nutritional stressors – which means, what you are or are not consuming, digesting or assimilating.   I will then help you to better understand your situation, make suggestions and teach you what you need to know about living for optimal wellness which includes a plan for the Body on it’s many interconnected levels.    We will work together to come up with an individualized plan of action to support the body during this time.

Based on the nature of your health challenges and willingness to follow through with recommendations, your plan of action may include dietary modification, supplemental support, and a series of follow up exams. As a Digestive Health Specialist, I work with Enzyme Replacement Therapy as a way to support your body during it’s time of need so that balance and health can naturally occur.

Not sure if this approach is right for you?

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