I began teaching yoga in 1997.  I am a certified Integral Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher and a registered ERY-T through Yoga Alliance.  In my classes, we give great attention to alignment, fascia, and breathing.  It's the mind listening to the fascia anyway, not the other way around.  In class we take the time to tune in to what it is saying. 

Yoga Class Descriptions

Fascia Yoga @the Secret Garden 1:30pm Tuesdays and Saturdays 11am

Fascia Focused Yoga is a practice of alignment with core, first.  This is the practice of discovering what core-integrity alignment actually means in the body, how do we connect into to this experience physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We then explore working with the fascia through movement that is based on yoga postures (asana).  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  This is not a traditional yoga class.  The pace is slow and the practice is personalized even though you are in a group setting. 

Yoga @ the Secret Garden 9:30am Wednesdays and Saturdays 9am

I welcome practitioners of all levels who are interested in perfecting and assimilating their asana through appropriate alignment and fascia awareness. This class begins with breathing and postures that intend to lengthen the fascia as well as stimulate the vagus nerve, this not only facilitates greater body and Self-awareness but it turns on the para sympathetic nervous system which improves digestion and recovering.  Through foundation focused alignment (from the ground up) you will begin to find and eventually come to know, your sense of inner and outer stability, as well as flexibility.  The class then moves into a flow practice.  Practitioners are encourage to take breaks as they need to during the flow, or simply reduce the number of poses they practice, this makes classes suitable for all levels.  The class is flavored with asana, pranayama, contemplation, relaxation and meditation.

Fascia Yoga/Yoga Nidra @ the Secret Garden 4:30-6pm Thursdays

This class is a 50 min facia focused yoga practice with a guided deep relaxation practice; Yoga Nidra is a sacred tantric process of profound relaxation for body and mind allowing you to uncover and access higher levels of consciousness and experience deep peace even in the midst of tumultuous times.