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Welcome to Drema Wellness

When a person dives a little deeper into their experience with life, they eventually come to realize there are several "Layers" to what we call "myself." The sooner we understand and make a connection to these layers that make up our sense of feeling whole and complete, our awareness shifts and we open ourselves to whole new world of endless possibilities; especially to finding what we are all looking for: Love and Wellness.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Enzyme Nutrition, I can teach you how to balance meals using the protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals found in whole, organic foods. I have been creating individual programs for 20 years. I will evaluate your current Body/Mind situation, needs, and desires, as well as identify physical, nutritional, emotional, or spiritual stress, and then we will work together to come up with an agreeable Wellness plan. Healing occurs when the level of stress is turned down and there is enough energy provided for the Body to maintain healthy function. 

I have been teaching “yoga” since 1997. After two decades, I have landed in what I call the practice of Fascia yoga. I continue to lead flow-style classes, but you will always find Fascia yoga as the foundational ground upon which we flow. Fascia yoga is a series of postures practiced with specific midline or core alignment and breath (Prana). It is a practice that can help you to locate balance with in yourself and connect with your strength which inevitably helps the Body/Mind to realign with a natural sense of ease. Prana (life-force) in the form of breath is an indirect way to quiet the Mind. Learning how to breath properly and establishing a breathing practice in your life is a direct route to open the Heart and aligning with Wellness.  

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My Story

My wellness journey began about forty years ago. What I witnessed in my household and what I experienced growing up was discontent, a feeling of lack, and something not feeling right. I started searching to find “it,” something to fill my sense of void and disharmony. I tried to find it through relationships. I thought I would find it by being the best friend, best acquaintance, partner, and person. I tried different churches, gyms, exercise, restricting food, living on caffeine and sugar, being a vegetarian, a vegan, a yogini until I became a mom, and then it all fell apart. Post-partum depression and sleep deprivation revealed the many layers of my Body/Mind’s imbalances. I had to get to the root cause of my struggles. I was a sugar addict from a very young age, and at this point in my life, my gut dysbiosis was intolerable both physically and mentally.

I changed my lifestyle, but this time it finally took root. I knew that getting clean and clear was necessary for my journey. Even though my Mind was the part of this picture that felt overwhelming, I had a very strong feeling that my Body had a lot to do with how I was experiencing my life circumstances, and this only became more evident to me with time. Recognizing that when I felt unloved, alone, and under-appreciated often happened after one of my sugar binges and the bellyache subsided became the motivation to stay the course, especially when I wanted to eat whatever I wanted. I had a feeling that if I wanted to know Love as a felt experience, and I did, I needed to find more balance within my Body/Mind. I trusted this feeling and kept moving forward. 

After many years of cultivated practice, and commitment, with the perfect amount of heartbreak leading me to find inner Love, the Divine finally established itself and is a guiding light in my life. Fear visits, but courage is always there too. I see now that Love was always the driving force calling me hOMe, longing for me. It took some time to look in every outer direction possible before I realized LOVE is, always has been, inside, outside, and all around me; This is the kind of stuff I love to share. All you need to be is willing.


 Let's connect.


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