A healthy, balanced person digests and eliminates properly, has plenty of energy, looks vibrant, is a healthy weight, and sleeps well.  A healthy person has a mind that is alert and focused, they accomplish daily tasks with ease, and enjoy life.

Good health is innate to our bodies and it is a choice we all have. Modern day living does present a challenge but nothing we can't navigate through.  What is necessary is that you begin to understand what it is that your body needs to maintain optimum health and/or to support the body's ability to return to a state of balance, as needed. A strong foundation is the best one to have. It’s that simple.  You need a few raw materials and workers to build a strong foundation.  Enzymes are the only nutrients in the body that have the capacity to do work.  


What you can expect.

Each program is designed and is as uniquely formulated as the clients are themselves.   During the initial consult we will create a specific plan and the best approach for you.  Through an individualized health consultation and by using a series of investigations, I will identify the cause of energy deficiency due to nutritional, structural/physical, or emotional stress and then suggest how to best go about restoring normal function.  The initial consult is an hour and a half $125.  Follow up sessions are $90 per hour, pro-rated, which means it is based on your needs.  

I am available to work in person, via phone, or zoom Monday - Saturday.  I work with people who want to better understand the current situation that they are facing; how they got there and where to go from here.  I find it is very important to unpack all that has led up to the present time when we are trying to uncover root causes and tendencies of mind and body.  It is of the utmost importance to know that we always have more options than we think.  

Based on the nature of your health challenges and willingness to follow through with recommendations, your care plan will include dietary modification, plant based enzyme support, and follow up labs and/or exams.

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