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Holistic Health & Nutrition

A healthy, balanced person digests and eliminates properly, has plenty of energy, looks vibrant, is a healthy weight, and sleeps well. A healthy person has a mind that is alert and focused. They accomplish daily tasks with ease and enjoy life.


Awakening to the Wellness Body

Good health is innate to our bodies, and it is a choice we all have. Modern-day living does present a challenge, but nothing we can't navigate through. What is necessary is to begin to understand what your Body needs to maintain optimum health and support the Body's ability to return to a state of balance as required. To have a strong foundation, which is the best one to have, it's simple; you need a few raw materials and the workers to build the foundation. Enzymes are the nutrients in the Body that do that work. 


Individualized Programs

Each program is as unique as the clients themselves. We will create a specific plan and the best approach for you during our initial consult. The initial consult is an hour and a half. Through an individualized health consultation and a series of investigations, I will identify your cause of energy deficiency due to nutritional, structural/physical, or emotional stress and suggest the most efficient way to support restoring normal function. Based on your health challenges and willingness to follow through with recommendations, your care plan will include dietary modification, food enzyme support, follow-up labs and exams.

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What are enzymes?

Food enzymes are a natural and essential component in our whole raw foods. In our modern-day world, we remove enzymes to extend the shelf-life of some foods; we must replace them just as vitamins and minerals are added back into milk after it is pasteurized; the process depletes vitamins A, D, and enzymes. We add the vitamins back in, but enzymes are not.

Enzymes are the construction workers of the Body. Without any construction workers (enzymes), the food we eat will not properly nourish the Body's systems. Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are simply the building materials. It's one thing to eat a healthy diet, and it's another to digest and utilize those building materials. 

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