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Prana means vital, life-force. Yama means restraint. Breathing is much more than breathe in and breathe out. While it is that simple, it can easily become out of balance and negatively impact your life. As with all complex situations, the breath can positively or negatively affect Body/Mind Wellness, and respectfully Body/Mind Wellness will be reflected in the quality of our breath. Understanding the five aspects of the breath known as the five vayus or winds of the breath is the key to a deeper understanding of Prana and the multi-layers of what we call "myself." Pancha Prana Vayu is the foundation of all pranayama practices. It is the primary action you can make to build a quality relationship with your Body/Mind and live a life of vitality.

Getting started practice video

Getting started practice video

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I never thought I would transition to an online studio, but as life would have it otherwise, I did, and I love it. I can stay connected to so many more people more often. In the age of Kali Yuga, the importance of Sangha (community) is immeasurable. We are social, spiritual beings. Practicing in the presence of like-minded people has indescribable energy. Through the invisible field of unbroken wholeness, we connect.
We also have live breathing and yoga practices and classes. The courses that you find here online are so that you can go at your pace and when the time is right for you. Recorded classes and courses are a great way to stay in the know. They can bring you up to speed and prepare you to join us live anytime.

Outer Beauty, Inner Calm

Practice Yoga and Pranayama
Anytime, Anywhere.

Conscious evolution begins when we see the world as a mirror of our inner state of awareness. Inner conflict originates from dependence on the outside world for happiness when this has always been an inside job. Mainstream thinking and acting are distractions that pull us toward conveniences taking us further from our true selves. Aligning the Body/Mind, with Spirit through sound nutrition, fascia yoga, and breath training is to embody Divine Love and live a meaningful, happy life with freedom and purpose. What you do, as only you can, is what makes life beautiful. 

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