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Fascia,Yoga, Breathing & Enzyme Nutrition

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Your natural state is Wellness. Our modern day lifestyles distract us from our true nature. Here you will find many solutions and opportunities for nourishing your Body and Mind back to alignment with innate intelligence, wisdom and joy.  


The Joy of making your wellness journey your own.


Learning the basic principles of how to support your Body/Mind will give you access to more Energy, Wisdom, and Joy daily. When you embark on these practices for healing and maintaining, you will, sooner rather than later, experience and know what it means to live Wellness. What is purified, heals, and is nourished are the layers that come between you and Wellness.

These practices and insights are for your experimentation. The intention is to support people like you who are inspired to contribute to our society by living as the best version of themselves. These practices intend to provide options for you to support Body/Mind purification and refinement and establish and maintain resiliency. As we all know, life has many ups and downs, twists and turns; this is not a problem. Problems arise when the Body/Mind cannot recover. 


Drema Yoga

 I began teaching Yoga in 1997. I am a certified Integral Yoga Institute Yoga Teacher and a registered ERY-T through Yoga Alliance. I will encourage you to connect with Prana (life-force) as your guiding light in my classes. In the background of your pranayama (breathing) practice, you will hear me offering you suggestions that direct your attention to alignment, fascia, and your breath. The fascia shapes the Body, and it's what we do with passion that most profoundly impacts the fascia while the Mind listens and responds accordingly. Learning to live Wellness passionately makes all the difference.  


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I always feel incredible after your classes. My breath and body work has never been better.

Diane G

I just wanted to tell you how much the breathing course has helped my meditation practice

Dee S

I can't think of a better way to start my day; online breathing, walk my daughter to school, live online yoga and Dremawellness breakfast.

Christina S

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