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A three-themed Newsletter.

Well, Hello! It's been a while. This year has had me with many balls in the air simultaneously. I have done my best to maintain my current relationships professionally and personally. Although I have not been able to take on new clients or manifest new ideas, I look forward to seeing what unfolds in this new season.

It has been a challenge to find the right time to write about the upcoming Cleanse. Several people have asked about it, and I have appreciated the spark of interest in getting the fire rolling. In honor of "keeping it real," I have not had the opportunity to do my typical product research for new Cleanse ideas, so I will put together a kit filled with products I trust and have used. I also plan to buy and split products into ziplock bags to save you on cost. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can request full bottles and plan to pay the difference. The Cleanse cost is $175 for seasoned Cleansers and $208 for newcomers. Plan to start before or on April 9th.

I am happy to report that one of those significant balls I was trying to keep in the air is no longer a central theme of my juggling act. My son has IBD (ulcerative colitis), and this year started like a tailspin. In the same way that a holistic health practice is a "practice," so is a medical "practice," sometimes it takes a minute to figure out the best individualized course of action. Working with my son's gastro, we figured it out, and he is doing well.

There are three themes in this newsletter, in case I wasn't clear:

1- The Cleanse is upon us, and I must order ASAP. I need to place the group order this Friday, March 15th. Please respond to this email or text me to confirm if you plan to join so I have a head count.

2- In honor of "keeping it real," life happens, but we have to find a way to make Wellness deposits regardless, especially if others depend on us. It is so important to find a way to take care of you first.

3- Medical professionals need your participation and understanding.

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