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Getting ready and feeling connected

So here we are entering the fall equinox. Do you feel ready? Do you feel aligned? The problem comes when we don't. Right? When we feel connected and ready, there's no problem. People do all kinds of things to feel connected: drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, social media, and there's also a long list of positive things we do as a way to feel connected. Today, I am writing about getting ready and feeling connected. When we feel connected, we feel happy.

This morning, I heard an ad on YouTube called "Self." It was an ad for something that helps to increase your credit. Amazing! Marketing these days is fantastic. We can use "Self" to improve our credit line and be happy. I am not implying that having good credit or feeling the foundational stability suitable finances can provide isn't essential, but you get the picture I'm trying to paint here. Is this product called "Self" really going to bring us happiness?

Searching for happiness is natural. It is natural to us because it is our natural state. Happiness, joy, contentment, and peace are part of who and what we are. Problems come when we feel disconnected and forget. Many things in our modern-day lifestyles cause us to feel confused and help us forget and lose our natural way, but that's also part of the journey of being human: Reconnecting and finding our way.

Momentary happiness returns us to our natural state of joy, but it is more like a junk food approach toward wholeness. It is short-lived and unsustainable. When we make sustainable, healthful choices, over and over and over again, we feel a general overall wellness. Here's where slow and steady wins the race.

When you choose again and again and again to connect with yourself regularly through breathing practices, yoga, good nutritional choices, bedtime routines, and all the ways you honor your body and mind, there is a general sense of wholeness even during the fluctuating, challenging times or twists and turns of life, because you feel connected.

Let's explore the junk food-like approach of getting high on something from the above list. The problem typically arises once the high wears off, and it always does. Although this type of high is junk food- like in nature, there is a temporary feeling of being connected. We can all understand why people do what they do to find happiness, but here's where it gets interesting.

Interestingly enough, when said person starts to come down from their temporary high and feel lost or disconnected, they are, in reality, one step closer to finding a real connection and the True Self. The challenge here is to choose to go through what needs to be gone through to get to the other side, which we could call wholeness.

Feeling disconnected or out of alignment with Self, wholeness, and Wellness is a moment of opportunity. It's an opportunity to know that we feel bad because we have forgotten who and what we are. The connection that we desperately seek is always available to us. One place we can look is toward the breath.

But sometimes, for some of us, another step must be first. Here's where I start talking about good nutrition and "the Cleanse." It's a great time to start planning and carving out time in the name of foundational Wellness. "The Cleanse" is all about foundational Wellness. It's about organizing your eating habits, simplifying, and aligning with seasonal food choices. It's time to shift gears from Summer to Fall. Are you ready? Yes. Because "ready or not, here I come. You can't hide. Gonna find you..." Do you remember this song from the Fugees? It's one of my favorites.

"The Cleanse" is a clean eating type of regularly scheduled three meals daily with plenty of seasonal veggies, proteins, good fats, some starchy veggies, and a few select fruits as carbs. The intention is to be uncomplicated, nourishing, and supportive while you simplify and adhere to a two-week detoxification program. I have hand-selected the supplemental support for this season, and the theme is " less is more."

We will be utilizing six products to turn on the body's detoxification organs. I am excited about this combination and the idea of less is more. It is the premise of how I teach yoga, and I am happy this Cleanse also aligns with this idea. The Cleanse costs $162 for my committed regular participants and for first-time Cleansers, $189.

The recommended start date is between Oct 6-15 2023. Plan to adhere to the program for a minimum of 14 days. I will give specific instructions and guidelines when you commit to the Cleanse. I will place my first order sometime this week; the sooner you let me know, the better. This way, I have access to my preferred supplements.

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