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Full Moon Intentions: understanding, committed practice, and Grace.

Fear is a human experience and can also be experienced as an invitation to be fearless. We practice balancing masculine and feminine vibrations, left and right, Heart and Mind, to expand beyond the limitations of the Mind and to Take Heart.

The fruit comes when we align with "right" action, but it's not the point. The point is to feel and to know what it is and how to take "right" action. You'll feel the immediate effects after you establish a committed practice. Until then, what do you do? If you guessed commit, you are right. Commitment is the goal of this next moon cycle. What is your goal? What do you want? Are you clear? It gets easier when you are.

Upon the expansive nature of the fertile ground, we drop seeds of hope. It's not passive to hold space; enjoying gestation requires deep acceptance, insight, and awareness that our creative potential is infinite. It takes 40 days and 40 nights to birth a child. It takes patience; it can't be rushed or forced. You may need to balance rest with "right" action if you find it hard to stay committed to your goal. Take a break from the busyness when you can; put your phone down and avoid doing busy work when life presents you with available time. If you do this, you'll have more energy to stay committed to your goal.

The subtle shifts and noticing the pull (fascia yoga and in life) this way or that is for awakening curiosity, understanding, and finding the path of least resistance. I wrote this as an inspiration for our fascia yoga practice, but the sentiment is appropriate for any area of our lives, including nutrition. Let's pause to include this information from Food Enzyme Institute to inspire curiosity and better understanding.

Human Cells Take in Less Protein From a Plant-Based

'Meat' Than From Chicken

Date: June 22, 2022

Source: American Chemical Society,

publ. Journal of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Summary: Many people have now embraced the plant-based 'meat' movement. Plants high in protein, such as soybeans, are common ingredients, but it's been unclear how much of the nutrient makes it into human cells. Researchers now report that proteins in a model plant-based substitute were not as accessible to cells as those from meat. The team says this knowledge could eventually be used to develop more healthful products.

Fascia yoga's goal is to align with core integrity and Pranic flow (breath). We can focus on the part of the body that feels like pulling or the feeling of challenge, whether physical or mental. We might even notice that we like to work with the problematic parts, and that's a perfectly fine choice. When we do, it will become more important to recognize that space, ease, and peace are also there.

It's essential to acknowledge balance as the foundation of peace and peace as the ultimate awareness. Clarity about the momentary goal brings focus and prioritizes one's life for balance. Goal awareness first allows more time for other things. We can take action toward what we want or dance around it and keep it at a distance like unrequited love; both paths have their challenges and directly or indirectly lead to peace.

Either way, we get where we are going. We get what we focus on, which is why it is essential to know your focus; it's what your eye is on and what you are committed to, knowingly or not. Back to love, we don't need the love we give; we have that. We need to learn to receive the love we're given, which may take practice, the right understanding, and Grace.

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