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Consciousness and Acceptance

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

How do we do acceptance? Consciousness is our essential nature, an unconditional continuum of acceptance and Love. We must align and remember.

Alignment always brings a sense of relaxation. You will notice a responsive breath in alignment and a sense of ease in the pose and one's life. Think of a time when your life was going well; didn't it feel easy, breezy? That's it. When you align with yourself, life unfolds more effortlessly; even when a challenge arises, it doesn't knock you down. It is essential to have this connection to yourself.

It is not a far stretch to be aligned, and if you continue to align daily, it will only be a minor adjustment rather than a life-altering experience to realign. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please re-read that. And no worries if you feel far from balanced. Balance is nearer than you can see, especially if you are far-sighted.

Far-sighted is when we cannot see things clearly, especially if they are relatively close. The truth is we are always in alignment, it is that close. Pure Consciousness is the non-stuff we are made of; the contraction of itself or sacrifice allows the human experience to be. From this vantage point, the human experience can then be for the evolution of your individual journey through this beautiful life with Consciousness as an invisible safety net catching, holding, and offering you unconditional acceptance every step of the way.

To feel acceptance is to know acceptance. Knowing is not enough. We must authentically feel it in our lives. It feels like relaxation and ease. It feels like you can breathe. Having this in your life is essential, and it's not hard to have. Then, you can do anything and can't possibly do it wrong. There are no wrong turns. They all lead to the center, the True Essetnial Self.

The Taittiriya Upanishad calls the first layer of Panchamaya Kosha the food body. It is often referred to as the body. When we talk about the first layer of who and what we call "me," we talk about the body; it's helpful to call it a food body. Some things remain timeless, and believing that you "are what you eat" is one of those powerful adages.

So, what have you been eating? How are you feeling? If you have been eating eh, please do not layer this with judgment. If you are eating eh and feel eh, that's feels pretty fair, right? If it's not how you want to feel, make a plan and get back to eating what you want to be. Go for balanced meals, one fruit daily, five veggies daily, good carbs, and healthy fats, and see how you feel next week. If you've been doing that for some time and don't feel it is fair to say that you need to make dietary changes, you might need more support.

If you were eating off a little while back but changed your habits, or you had a virus, a heartbreak, a back, hip, shoulder, etc., issue, what did you do to support healing? At that point, eating balanced meals may not be enough to recover. You may need to return to the maintenance phase of balanced eating but also need more support to heal.

While you care for the food body this week, look for a way to reconnect with the Heart/Mind. Sometimes we humans need the extreme feeling of disconnect to be inspired to return to what we do in the name of Wellness. Panchamaya Kosha reminds us that we are not just the food body; there are five layers. The wisdom body knows what you need to do for yourself, and the bliss body is the most evident reflection of your essential Self, which is just a contraction of Pure Consciousness, and there lies your acceptance.

Once we know ourselves to be the essential Self, it gets easier to continue with unwavering acceptance, never getting too far from the Self, and we stop needing the extreme disconnect as inspiration. The inspiration is the inspiration. Value your breath. When the first breath upon arising reminds you of life's blessing, you have found a way to connect with the Heart/Mind. Deep sleep feels far enough, and we return. Once again, we align to feel the unconditional loving acceptance in our lives and are ready for the day.

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