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Full moon and the return of joy.

I'm too soon into my Cleanse to be free of body aches. I know many of you do the Cleanse

and feel pretty good pretty quickly after a mild headache from caffeine withdrawal, but that's not me. This gets me thinking; I can't measure the benefits, wellness deposits, or surplus I create each time I do the Cleanse. My inherited Shevlin genes sure do come with their issues. When my dad was at the end of his life, and since he had a rare genetic mutation that linked his colon and skin cancer, his doctor recommended I have the screening. So I've been thinking about how much I may be contributing to my Wellness by doing this Cleanse, and my body aches have been a reminder of how my body needs and possibly more significantly than I can know, benefits from the break from the caffeine and sugar and the back on track-ness the Cleanse diet inspires.

Another thought I had within the last few days is about "what's been going around" in the name of colds and viruses. Many people are struggling with allergies, tis the season, and this seems to be a fierce one, but I am talking about the viruses mainly. I was thinking about my body aches and needing extra time to shut my eyes for 10 minutes here and there and taking a few minutes to get on the floor and do a little yoga or movement, similar to how I do it when I am down with a virus.

On this full moon with many changes occurring astrologically, where the alignment is just right for healing and healing from illnesses we may not have thought possible, I invite you to open your mind and consider that maybe, just maybe, viruses are there own kind of Cleanse inspiring the body to detoxifying and make adjustments. Thinking about viruses as part of organized chaos that conspires toward Wellness is not new, but it might be time to consider it again.

When we get a virus, like when we do a Cleanse, it is a time to nourish ourselves back to health. With a virus, there may be limits your body is putting on you and your food choices, and with the Cleanse, we put the limits first, and then the body may need some time to adjust; this is where rest comes in. And, like when we have a virus, we need to rest. When we are sick, we naturally clear unnecessary stress or doings, and I recommend the same during a Cleanse. I also recommend following the process, whether having a virus or doing a Cleanse through to completion. When you are sick, do you take the time to recover, or are you rushing to get back to the same old ways? Perhaps the virus was there as an inspiration for some of those ways to be adjusted. Don't rush back; take your time and decide how you want to move forward. On the second day of the Cleanse, when I had my caffeine withdrawal headache, my son asked how I was feeling. I said, "I just need a Wellness day to adjust to this new way of eating and being." It's a great time to be alive. It is a time of significant shifts and changes, and when we carve out time to align ourselves with Wellness, we align with courage, strength, and, most importantly, Love. Loving and supporting yourself to wholeness goes a long way to feeling the joy of life return.

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