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Happy New Year! Cheers to starting slowly and sustainability.

So here we are, in between; the winter solstice, new moon, new year, and mercury stationing retrograde. It's a sweet spot if we can allow it to be. Let's think about those two words: Allowing and sweet. Together, they can be tricky to balance; more on that in a minute. Last week I wrote about "release and letting go" for the winter solstice. I wrote about letting go being an act of allowing. How do we wrap our minds around allowing and action? Try thinking like this; tending to your outdoor plants after bringing them in for the winter, knowing when they need more water or a different location for more sunlight and when nothing is required. Carving out time to do something and knowing when an action is unnecessary can be challenging, especially if we value "doing" in its active form. Allowing and not doing are very valuable inactions.

Let's now look at allowing when it comes to sweets. Allowing yourself to enjoy the sweet taste of food indulgences that we all crave, which is as addicting if not more than any other drug, sex, or alcohol, needs to be balanced with "allowing" the body to be the guide. When you are high on indulgence, it can be challenging to know when it is time to re-establish a more balanced diet, listen, and take the right action toward more whole foods. Headache, heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety, and depression are all indicators that you have dietary stress. Don't we have enough pressure in our lives? We don't have to continue to give ourselves dietary stress if we allow the information in and take action toward returning.

We have to pay attention, that's it. By nature, we want to feel well. Many life distractions keep us from paying attention to what the body tells us; this is where daily practice comes in beautifully. Each day beginning and ending your day home to yourself is the way to go. Connection to yourself is how you will know long before a lab test that something is off. Allowing is first an action of carving out time for yourself, and then it is a mode of being. It's easier to "allow" after you have focused your attention and aligned your body physically and nutritionally (more on this next month).

Many people share their yoga and meditation experiences with me. Repeatedly I have heard how people try meditation and yoga, and it's just not for them; they are too mentally active to quiet the mind or move that slowly in yoga asana practice. Let's take a moment to think about this. At this point in time, anyone can get lost in their phone and distracted by what's happening all around. Things are moving fast, and it's easy to get swept up. I just started TikTok. Holy moly, that's addicting, and it's also fun. It's all about balance and staying grounded.

We are in a transition, so continue to let your life unfold. The new year is usually a way to start strong, and this year it might be helpful to think sustainable; begin in the flow, slowly, and allow.

Pranayama is an easily accessible way to connect with life-force (the essence of life) and be in the flow in your body using your mind. Stage one of our pranayama practice is clearing the mind through mechanical action. Then we connect with pure allowing, but until the Body/Mind/Spirit connection is made, there is plenty to do. You can't possibly get bored. This practice is not for a select few. It's for anyone graced with the body and by the breath. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, which could be amazing and beautiful. I hear this thinking is a leap of faith; maybe it is. If that's true, it is yet another reason I feel so much gratitude for my life. I came in believing there was more, and it's true, there is so much more than what appears on the surface of our life stories.

Monday, we begin the new year together with morning pranayama. We meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:45-7 am, live on zoom. If you enjoy the sweetness of opening your heart and allowing your mind to clear, you can join on the breathing page and attend or receive the recordings. If you are new to a pranayama practice and want to familiarize yourself before joining, please check out the three videos on my website. I will be restoring these introductory videos for January.

Happy New Year. Cheers; to allowing endings and new beginnings, to being tuned in and in harmony with the Love that is. And to being a part of the awakening of a new humanity. Wishing you and your loved ones Love & Wellness always,


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