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Intuition, Envy, and the Persimmon.

I misjudged the persimmon. We have a tree in the backyard, and when one of the first fruits was picked and offered to me to taste for the first time, I, for some reason, was hesitant. I wasn't a yes. I wasn't sure why; I just wasn't. I tried it anyway, and I was not too fond of it. It was astringent and left me feeling sandpaper on my tongue and teeth, which stayed far longer than I appreciated. Any client who came for an office visit and said they loved them received a persimmon on their way out; it was my pleasure.

Learning to trust your instincts is a process. Last week I bought some meat that felt questionable to me. I questioned the butcher and still went ahead and bought it. I then examined the smell of it when I took it out of the package, and still, I cooked it. When my son walked in and asked about the terrible smell in the air, that was finally enough. I threw it away.

Our intuition, inner voice, and innate wisdom are not exactly fostered in our society; learning to listen has become an acquired taste.

And that brings me to apples. They are getting to be like wine, more complex and very interesting. I found a new, crisp, fresh, and delicious one. It's called Envy; that's the trademark name. I like it; it's better than jelly (those who know me know this is a two-fold statement). Envy's parents are Braeburn and Gala. I don't love either of those, yet this one is crisp and feels full of hydration, like a perfect fuji, but sweeter. It could be the best qualities of its parents, which often turns out well. And, of course, with anything, it's also about timing.

Timing; brings me back to the persimmon. I was wrong about its deliciousness but right about my feeling of something being off. It turns out to be a no/and or yes/but-situation, and you already know how our society feels about paradox or changing sides. I felt something was off with my new persimmon friend, but it was simply a matter of timing. The meat, too, simply went bad in an untimely fashion; that's all.

So, the next time you feel something, tune in. It's a good idea to acquire the listening skill set and then say yes or no thank you from your inner guide. It's good to trust your intuition, and it's also ok to put yourself out there, take risks and not be afraid to try again. By the way, persimmons are my new favorites.

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