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Is it a big claim to think we can have it all?

Can you have your cake and eat it too? I sure hope so; otherwise, don't tempt yourself with the cake. Keep it out of your sight. It's time to shift gears again and let go of Thanksgiving indulgences. Return to balanced eating while you still can. Soon enough, the holiday festivities will begin again. Remember to drink a glass of water with every cocktail or wine this holiday season, and let's face it, you can't eat your cake and have it too. While that's not possible, you can eat a piece of cake and keep your Wellness, so long as you get back to basics the next day before the slope gets too slippery.

What does it mean to have it all? If having it all for you means you know yourself to be a spiritual human being whose life aligns from the inside out, then yes, you can have it all. You can tap your full potential as your expansive spiritual nature and be human with personal preferences. You can reach your full potential as a Divinely inspired human because you are already that. And, when you know this to be accurate, your life aligns from the inside out and with integrity first.

Peace is the essence of who and what we are, which is why we seek it. The " me " part of us stands between peace and having that peace. Suppose you know yourself as a spiritual being, yet in your human-ness, you find yourself not doing and having what you want, only to feel further or more distant from your true spiritual nature. In that case, a pranayama practice is a way to empower your will. It's a way to get centered and participate directly with your life.

The practice of pranayam is an act of aligning your Body/Mind with your higher self which is a direct experience of co-creating and uncovering your full spiritual human potential. When you set an intention and keep your commitment, you'll learn how powerful this practice is. Then, when you start to think something, and it begins to happen in your life, you will know what it means to co-create with life. You'll see how your outer life reflects your inner connection to your true self.

Prana means energy, life force, and life breath. When you learn to align the Body, control the breath and shift your energy, clearing the Mind, you participate with life; life- force, that is. When you carve out time for Prana (to be with your life breath), you will have a direct experience of it as the life breath that is the essence of the sun's rays that nourishes the crops we eat and the soul hidden in the fresh produce that sustains the Body/Mind. Beyond what the Mind knows and thinks, it is not a big claim to have it all. To go beyond the Mind, you might have to "just do it" and see how simple it becomes to align with integrity and watch your heart's desires unfold faster than the speed of Love.

This Friday, December 2nd, we begin the monthly morning breathing sessions 6:45-7 am M, W, F on zoom, or you can receive recordings if you join the session. Please view the introduction video to get yourself familiar.

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