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Is the meaning of life misunderstood?

Many times within our sangha, we have discussed the idea of a meaningful life. We have considered that the point of our lives is to uncover authenticity. Then, more importantly, you can feel the how-ness of all you do rather than being hyper-focused on finding your one specific purpose. The purpose expands. It goes beyond finding yourself to the process of doing what you do (sharing yourself in all that you do) in the extraordinary way only you can, making your life meaningful.

In a way, then, there is no meaning, which isn't to say it is meaningless. Unless, of course, this idea reduces stress, then you might appreciate the sentiment. "No meaning" means there isn't one specific thing you are meant to do (there's that word meaning again). Please don't misunderstand that I am implying you don't have a particular something you are meant to do. I just mean that searching for a moment of completion is an illusion; to be finished is not what we want, but that's another blog for another day. The point is that you will do many meaningful things throughout your life.

Let's consider for a moment the definition of meaning. Meaning intends to communicate something that is not directly expressed. When we say, "That's not what I meant'" it's true, we are often misunderstood, and maybe the meaning of life is too. Perhaps life is meant to be a direct experience of what you do when doing whatever it is with the highest intention and as much Love and Consciousness connection as possible.

Consciousness illuminates the Body/Mind, and when you connect with this part of yourself (Pure Consciousness), it communicates something that was never "meant" for Mind alone. It can happen in a single isolated moment when your sense of awe expands, and there is a direct felt experience of Pureness. It is in these moments you will feel Wellness.

When you string together many moments of the direct experience of Wellness, each cell of your body begins to vibrate and align with Wellness. Please don't underestimate the power of such a beautiful environment. Considering that the environment (an aligned and relaxed Body/Mind) is essential when implementing your unique and specific nutrition program. Here are two points I am making: Taking care of your subtle body is just as important as your physical body needs, and the best approach for any level of Body/Mind health is personal and individualized.

For your latest subtle body update (like your phone, get it?), please connect with a secure and sacred space; your Self.

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