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It's New Moon and the season of giving thanks.

There is a very long list of people, opportunities, and things for which I am grateful. Many of you will relate to what I am saying here and will feel the pull on the heartstrings of your personal feelings of gratitude. Today I write as a gentle reminder of another slightly different sentiment; Appreciation. It has a hint of empowerment. It's a sensory invitation like the black walnut bitters-infused homemade whipped cream served at Native in Honesdale, Pennsylvania-yum. There's just a little extra specialness, and its qualities intrigue recognition and conjure enjoyment. Enjoyment is key.

For this New Beginnings and Thanksgiving time, I'd like to offer Cheers to getting turned on to appreciation and letting it light our Wellness journey.

I often say to people who ask if I can help them if they have a diagnosis or if they are on medications, yes, I can because I support the Body/Mind where it is and support restoring healthy function. I tell them while medication may have the intention of turning off some supposed malfunction of the Body, no worries; Wellness turns the Body on. So, if you're into being turned on, I just published my book, and it's all about Wellness.

Tonight at 5:30 pm on zoom, I will speak with Dorothy Holtermann, my Birth-a-bBook Doula. Please join us as we talk about the process because, like healing and Wellness or any process, every book, person, and situation is unique and always unfolds at the speed of Love. I will share my process and how Dorothy coached me through it, and you will get to meet her amazing behind-the-scenes team. You never know what you will learn or feel inspired by from a meeting like this.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 845 0921 9038

If you buy my book and appreciate it (get it?), please write a review; it means a lot in the Amazon world and helps spread Wellness.

As I write this, I feel deep appreciation for each person reading, trying, and contributing to that morphogenetic field I call "The Body of Wellness." No contribution is too small; any effort made is cumulative and qualitative; it's how we change the world. Let there be Peace (and appreciation) on Earth, and let it begin with "me."

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