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It's time to deposit into your Wellness account.

Goldenrods and daffodils... this is how my current theme song would begin. The tone would be subdued, not depressed, but reflective. Post Covid, health concerns for self or loved ones, mental struggles, relationship and family issues, financial and real estate unknowns, it's a new world in many ways, not just the ones I listed. These tend to be the ones we talk about, but there's always more beneath the surface.

So what lies beneath the surface of your body and mind? Can you feel the inspiration to evolve, balance inner and outer existence, and awaken to a new sense of possibilities? A unique opportunity is also part of our contemporary world. Inspiration comes in mysterious ways. The word inspired might throw you off in that often, we think of inspiration as the feeling of being motivated to do something, especially something creative. Yet, I would like to pose the idea of feeling inspired as feeling exhausted, confused, unhappy, anxious, and depressed.

Let's take the word depressed for a moment and play with it. Depressed can be defined as below standard. The feeling of being below normal is the inspiration to support alignment with the highest version of yourself.

Feeling depressed and below standard means that a part of you feels amazing and knows there's more; This is why you feel terrible feeling depressed, which is the root of the inner conflict and the inspiration. You can sense that you're off, and you can also sense the light. I'll leave this here for now and share with you how regardless of what is going on in my life or how I am currently feeling on the surface, I carve out time to align with my Higher Self. When a particular time of year comes around, I look no further and align with it. Navaratri begins today. It is a beautiful time to take the step back, reflect, go inward, and build energy. It's time for Wellness deposits.

I used to love the mile markers when my family would take our annual road trip to Disney. We started in a Cadillac, graduated to a van, pull-trailer, and then an RV. Regardless of the vehicle we were traveling in, the mile markers were a source of comfort and familiarity on that 20-something-hour road trip. They were a sense of feeling like I had some control over the situation when in reality, I didn't, but they helped me regulate myself. In a way, they helped me feel in control of my life situation. Do you see what I am getting at here?

It's the time of year when the seasons are merging. The Aghor lineage and many others honor this time as Navaratri, Nine nights of the Goddess. For us, it is a time to turn inward, taking in less through the senses and committing to building Shakti (energy). It's a beautiful sadhana (spiritual practice). It isn't always easy, but it is clear and straightforward and never ceases to amaze me with its potency. If you feel inspired, go to Sonoma Ashram on youtube and check out Baba Harihar Ramji and some past talks. You never know what you will find when you seek with an open heart.

Navaratri is a time to take in less, one being tastes, especially salt, so it will be an excellent lead-up to the Cleanse. It is also a wonderful time of year to do a practice I call "the Cleanse" (more Wellness deposits). I usually do these two practices simultaneously; This will be the first time I am immersing myself in Navaratri, and then the Cleanse will begin on April 1st. For some reason, I had the time marked on my calendar for April 1st, and when I realized Navaratri started on March 22, 2023, I shifted that gear and left the Cleanse date for the 1st. I saw this occurrence as a gift to be honored and explored.

The Cleanse is also very straightforward; you mainly eat protein, veggies, and a few root veggies as carbohydrates, some fruit, and all nuts and seeds besides moldy-prone peanuts and pistachios. Part of the Cleanse is to support the detoxification organs with supplementation. I have carefully selected each supplement and considered the effects of these products together since this is an essential part of including any nutraceuticals, as well as pharmaceuticals, for that matter, into your health regimen. Always consider what you take and how it interacts and counteracts anything else you ingest.

We have a few changes for Spring Cleanse, nothing major, just a different combination of products and a new probiotic. I am also keeping things simple and offering VME as optional for those who know this product and enjoy the energy boost it gives you. I have included a complete B complex support, which may be enough, but if you choose to include VME you can do so at the 20% discounted Cleanse rate.

Since I will not be on social media until after the completion of Navaratri, please email or text me if you want me to order a Cleanse. The Cleanse cost is at a %20 discount for supplements and is $163 for returning Cleansers. For 1st time Cleansers, the price is $193. If you are privately working with me, I recommend you continue on the regimen we have started together, and you can always set up a time to tweak your program and add some additional support. Spring is not only for Lovers; it's for livers too, so give your liver some extra love this spring and take a step back from alcohol for a few weeks.

Happy Springtime everyOne!

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