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Let discipline be in service to what you want.

This morning we started our yoga practice with thoughts about having a goal and transcending expectations. It's an exciting idea if you think about it. Something extraordinary happens when you have a plan and can allow the process to unfold rather than interject expectation and attachment. You begin to live it. It becomes a lifestyle change. The journey becomes the destination, meaning the moment you commit, and I mean really engage, you have arrived. When this happens, the discipline or commitment to what you must do to achieve your goal becomes enjoyable. Then when you are relinquishing something in your life or starting a new habit because you want to feel a certain way, the discipline required to get where you want to be is in service to what you want. The discipline piece becomes a noun rather than a verb. It's part of your study toward higher education in the Self. You already have what you want. You wouldn't want it if it weren't part of your reality; Your reality comes from you. You want it because it's for you, arising from you, and it's just a matter of time before big things happen. Feel and delight in that.

Speaking of discipline, the Cleanse for me is concluding. So what does this mean? It means I have completed two weeks of unwavering Cleanse eating, and Saturday is my son's 18th birthday, so I will go out to dinner and dabble in a bit more. It doesn't mean I will go off the rails. I feel way too good for that. It does mean that I will be back on track on Sunday because indulgence is a slippery slope. Just like a balance pose in yoga, there are moments when you may fall, but there is also the possibility you won't. Sometimes if you hold on for a second longer and find your breath, you don't. When it comes to Wellness, the possibility of falling off is greatly reduced by getting back on track the next meal.

I am looking forward to a few things returning to my life, like cosmic crisp apples and oatmeal (not together), but I still need to figure out the coffee. I feel too good and want to keep feeling this way. There are several layers to the Cleanse. Without a doubt taking a break from grains, dairy, and other carbs that turn to sugar is also part of the benefits my body is reaping, and I recognize part is the supplemental support. I needed more support than I knew before starting the Cleanse. And, don't get me wrong, I love a good caffeine high, but this sustainably good energy feeling all day is hard to give up.

One last thought for this week; I am considering changing the Wednesday 9:30am flow yoga class to a Tuesday Morning flow yoga 9 or 9:30am. This class will be live and on zoom. Please let me know if you are interested in a Tuesday 9 or 9:30am flow yoga class.

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