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Proper perspective makes life feel meaningful.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

What perspective is needed to see the importance and benefit of having and tending to a Wellness plan? As I write this, it brings to mind my birthing plan. I had a whole-lotta intention, but my son and everyone else involved also had theirs, so it didn't exactly go as I had planned, and right, you guessed it, it turned out to be what was for the highest good for the evolution of all. Agreeing to medically induced labor was the first lesson in letting go of expectations and the first of many studies of surrender. Having an intention or a plan can be a structure or foundational support to get things clear and moving in a direction. Still, it can also be a time of great learning if you mistakenly think planning is a sure way to have a specific outcome. Life is way more fun than that.

First comes the recipe, but if you are anything like me, I look at a recipe and get ideas and then allow the organic feeling and connecting with what I am doing to take the lead, and then the deliciousness manifests. And, sometimes, the deliciousness is just too good that we want to stick to the recipe next time as a sure way to have the same outcome. We record the recipe and have it for generations to share. In these cases, the recipe followed has a predictable outcome. It worked, and if you do it again and stick to what works, you can expect the same result (most likely ;). So what am I getting at here? Have a Wellness plan, put it into action, observe the outcome, and if it works, keep going; if it doesn't, try a slightly different recipe and keep going. If you keep going (that's the point), you can expect results. I know I am going out on a limb, but in my experience, all of the people I know that keep going have success. Success, in this case, does not have a predictable, expected look, but it certainly has a beautiful, relaxed, and meaningful feel.

What do making the bed in the morning, taking shoes off before entering the home, preparing a meal for yourself as if you were a guest, cleaning up the kitchen after making a meal, and putting clothes away after washing and folding them have to do with Wellness? Doing these little things throughout the day reminds us of the importance of caring for ourselves and keeping our environment friendly; it fuels our keeping going-ness and makes life feel meaningful if looked at from the proper perspective. It reminds us that we are worth the effort and that our effort to treat ourselves well feeds our energy level. It is a shift in perspective. Don't you feel better when your environment is pleasant? I certainly do, but I have heard people say it doesn't matter to them. Honestly, there is some other story hidden in that belief system. I would love to keep their place clean, tidy, and pleasant for a while to see how it affects them before believing they don't feel the benefits of a lovely environment. I would love to cook meals for them so they can feel the use of balanced meals, but there is also a mysterious sacred benefit to choosing and preparing meals for oneself. It's as if the subtle body infuses loving energy into the food specific to your Body/Mind healing.

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